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PDRFinessetools are highest quality tools custom made and extensively tested to be the highest quality tools on the market. Made in the USA, and tested amongst PDR Technicians across the industry, they provide versatility and durability second to no other paintless dent removal tools on the market. Ike Rhoades, founder of PDRFinesseTools writes:

While many PDR Tools may look the same, they do not perform in the same way. In forums across the world, you can find reports from PDR Techs stating that using PDR Finesse Tools not only improve the quality of their work, but many also claim that using PDR Finesse Tools allows them to do the work more quickly when compared to using other PDR Tools.


PDRFinesseTools are made purely of specially formulated stainless steel. As many of the top PDR Technicians state, efficiency is the name of the game in paintless dent removal. If dents can be pushed out 10% quicker, and with better quality, you get more vehicles to work with and earn more! Ike also states that 30 years of experience in the PDR Industry has provided PDRFinessTools a head start in tool making and technological ideas.

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